A clan is a group of people that help you in battle. Clan members help you by increasing the number of your own abilities you can use in battle. For each vampire in your clan you can use 1 physical ability, 1 sensory ability, and 1 transformation ability. Your level limits the number of vampires in your clan to a maximum of 5 vampires per level. A level 1 vampire can have 5 clan members, A level 5 vampire can have 25 clan members.

It is discourteous to attack members in your own clan. Any vampire in your clan will have a green circle next to his/her name on the attack list. Vampires without the green circle are not in your clan, feel free to attack!

Attack Clan

Clan Code Edit

Each vampire has a unique 5 character clan code. Other vampires must have this code to recruit you to their clan.

Increasing Your Clan Edit

A successful player has their clan size maxed out at all times. There are a few ways to do this:

1. Go around looking at the profiles of vampires, view the comments on their profile page and find clan codes.

2. Type "Vampires Live Clan Codes" (no quotes) in google and various forums will appear with a plethora of codes. Add as many as you feel you need to. Signing up for these forums and posting your own code may also provide a steady flow of clan members.

3. Have other vampires "Broadcast" your clan code. It is common courtesy to broadcast their clan code in exchange.

Misconceptions Edit

Players believe they need high level and/or strong vampires in their clan, however, it is quantity that matters not quality. 10 level 1 vampires is just as good as 10 level 100 vampires. Either way you may use 10 of each type of ability in a fight (for a total of 30 abilities).